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  • Identifying and understanding the impact of invasive species on the landscape, urban forest and in the urban and wildland interface areas

  • Damage prevention to trees during development, remodeling or while making changes to the landscape

  • Becoming informed about the inherent conflict between trees and infrastructure

  • Understanding tree pathology: What you really need to take care or not is based on individual tree species, condition, and location

  • Risk assessment and resolution

  • Forming a long-term relationship with your trees: Learn what you and your family can do over the years to maintain your trees’ health

  • Learning about proper pruning practices, how and why trees respond to pruning, and Compartmentalization of Decay in Trees (CODIT)

  • Understanding your trees’ relationship with urban soil

  • Establishing a budget that is realistic for you in the management of your trees and helping you to set goals

  • Determining the legality of pruning or removing a large tree and its impact on the urban forest

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