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Working on a construction project? You might need excavation or site prep services. Call us at 360-675-1371 for trustworthy excavation services. At Pioneer Tree Service & Landscaping Inc., our experts will handle all your residential and commercial excavation needs. We'll perform the job professionally so you get exactly what you want. When you hire us, you can sit back and relax knowing you're in safe hands.


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A driveway serves many purposes, irrespective of whether it's a small rural driveway, a simple straight driveway or a grand winding entrance to a large estate.


Whenever you plan a driveway installation, don't forget to take into account a number of regulations, design characteristics and aesthetics. These factors are imperative when you're reviewing the alternatives and making decisions regarding the style, type and size of driveway of your home or property.

Drainage systems

Need a drain system installed? We can install curtain drains, to alleviate water buildup in low areas. Water buildup can result in poor drainage or low spots in a yard. A properly installed drainage system can take care of water buildup areas.

Driveway installation

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Site prep

Selective land clearing

Grading and leveling

Grading is used to level an area or slope away from a building. This helps drainage to be diverted away from a house or structure that has water seeping into it.

We have extensive experience in efficiently clearing properties down to the soil and keeping them ready for future projects. This may include an entire lot, or a selected area of trees, plants, bushes, brush, trunks, shrubs, or stumps.

Ranging from small lots to large commercial sites, our team of experts is able to handle any site prep procedure. This service is especially useful with new construction, clearing of trees, brush, shrubs, plants, trunks, and stumps. With our state-of-the-art equipment and knowledgeable crew, this work is accomplished professionally, along with adhering to construction and project timelines.

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