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When you need reliable tree services, call Pioneer Tree Service & Landscaping Inc. at 360-675-1371. Count on our experts to handle all your tree care needs with ease because no job is too big or small for us. Whether you need brush chipping, tree removal, or tree trimming, rely on our professionals to get the job done right. Count on our 20 years of experience in the tree care business to get the results you need. We provide services for both residential and commercial properties.


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We have assisted many of you with hard-to-reach jobs with the help of our operator-run bucket trucks.

Brush chipping services

Brush chipping is the preferred way to dispose of tree debris. As opposed to brush burning, chipping provides an environmentally friendly and safe way of disposing of tree and yard waste. We have the largest chippers in Island and Skagit counties; it reduces the amount of time to eliminate a pile of brush, saving you money!

Bucket truck services

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Certified arborist

Tree removal

Hazardous tree removal

Tree trimming and pruning

Tree and plant installation

Storm damage and cleanup

Stump grinding and removal

Tree cabling and bracing



  • Identifying and understanding the impact of invasive species on the landscape, urban forest and in the urban and wildland interface areas

  • Damage prevention to trees during development, remodeling or while making changes to the landscape

  • Becoming informed about the inherent conflict between trees and infrastructure

  • Understanding tree pathology: What you really need to take care or not is based on individual tree species, condition, and location

  • Risk assessment and resolution

  • Forming a long-term relationship with your trees: Learn what you and your family can do over the years to maintain your trees’ health

  • Learning about proper pruning practices, how and why trees respond to pruning, and Compartmentalization of Decay in Trees (CODIT)

  • Understanding your trees’ relationship with urban soil

  • Establishing a budget that is realistic for you in the management of your trees and helping you to set goals

  • Determining the legality of pruning or removing a large tree and its impact on the urban forest

Tree cabling and bracing are used to support weak trees that are susceptible to damage from winds, storms, or even the weight of their own fruit and foliage. In order to increase support, we use supporting hardware to make the tree more structurally stable.

When you need the entire stump to be removed, remember us. We have the right equipment and knowledge to do the job. When removing the stump, our team utilizes excavators to dig out the entire tree stumps.


Pioneer Tree Service & Landscaping Inc. will even grind your stump into chips to 6 inches below the existing grade. The wood chips can either be left in a mound over the stump cavity after grinding, or they can be removed from the site for an additional charge.

Our priority is the safety of you and your family during emergency tree situations. Our efficient staff works directly with your insurance company to handle the paperwork. We have chippers, bucket trucks, dump trucks, excavators, and state-of-the-art rigging, and pulley systems. Our skilled tree experts are on call 24 hours a day for all of your emergency tree needs.

Tree removal becomes necessary when decay, structural decline, or significant storm damage makes a tree dangerous. If you suspect a tree has become unsafe, call us at 360-675-1371 right away!


Hazardous trees are trees that are too close to your house or a building on your property. In the event of a major windstorm, they could cause major damage. Removing these trees beforehand could help save you from costly repairs and injuries.

When we create your landscape, the spatial characteristics are always considered to make sure that the plant and tree materials relate positively to their surroundings.


Each plant or tree should also be placed in order for it to be healthy and develop into a mature specimen. The individual characteristics of each plant are considered for the maximum benefit.


The plants selected should provide beauty throughout the seasons. Sometimes, plant or tree selection is used for screening, creation of shade; at other times, the plant or tree material is used to create the style of your yard.


Whatever type of landscape you decide on, we'll help you achieve it.

Trees have special meanings to different people. It could have memories of childhood, sentimental value, provide shade, or just be an old friend you have nurtured and watched grow over the years. But sometimes, removing a tree may be necessary when other methods are not available to make the tree structurally safe and sound.


Our specialized service for large and dangerous tree removal are done by using the latest technology. It allows for safe and economical tree removal of the largest trees even in the most unsafe situations.

Tree trimming

Tree trimming is important for the beauty and life of the tree. Trees that are top-heavy or overweight need proper trimming or thinning. If you need, we also remove dead limbs, cracked limbs, crossed limbs, and suckers when it's required. In most situations, to provide a view and distance between roofs, structures, walkways, and lawn areas, we limb trees in an upward direction. Our tree trimming experts can protect the tree and life on the ground by reducing hazards of structurally weak or damaged trees.


Tree pruning

Tree pruning for fruit and ornamental trees should be done when the sap is not running,

which is late fall through winter months. Proper tree pruning can be used to create a well-balanced tree that will produce superior flowers and fruits.

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